John (Morrison) MitchellAge: 7618381914

John (Morrison) Mitchell
Given names
John (Morrison)
Birth calculated 1838 24 25
Birth of a brotherDavid Young Mitchell
24 May 1840 (Age 2)
Birth of a brotherMatthew Young Mitchell
16 June 1843 (Age 5)
Birth of a sisterAnn Mitchell
calculated 1850 (Age 12)
Worker in Pottery
1851 (Age 13)
Note: There are many John Mitchells of roughly the right age in Glasgow. Strengthening the case here is fa…
MarriageAnn WardView family
24 September 1858 (Age 20)
Birth of a son
John Mitchell
26 October 1858 (Age 20)
Iron Grinder
1858 (Age 20)
Birth of a son
Robert Ward Mitchell
14 April 1860 (Age 22)
Iron Grinder
1861 (Age 23)
Birth of a son
Matthew Mitchell
calculated 1863 (Age 25)
Birth of a son
James Sinclair Mitchell
17 November 1867 (Age 29)
Iron Grinder
1871 (Age 33)
Birth of a daughter
Ann Ward Mitchell
22 December 1878 (Age 40)
Birth of a son
George Sangson Penney Mitchell
6 March 1881 (Age 43)
Death of a motherAnne Young
25 November 1881 (Age 43)
Iron Grinder
1881 (Age 43)
Iron Grinder
1891 (Age 53)
Death of a fatherJohn Mitchell
31 May 1898 (Age 60)
Carter General
1901 (Age 63)
Death of a wifeAnn Ward
30 July 1905 (Age 67)
Iron Grinding Machinist
1905 (Age 67)

Marriage of a childGeorge Sangson Penney MitchellMargaret EsplinView family
3 March 1911 (Age 73)
Iron Grinder (JourneyMan)
1914 (Age 76)
Death 15 December 1914 (Age 76)
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: 20 June 1835Gorbals, Scotland
1 year
elder sister
3 years
2 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
8 years
younger sister
Family with Ann Ward - View family
Marriage: 24 September 1858Clyde, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
1 month
18 months
4 years
5 years
11 years
2 years


All indicate an 1838 birtha date


There are many John Mitchells of roughly the right age in Glasgow. Strengthening the case here is father of right name and occupation as per JMM death entry, JMM's birthplace and age agree with later censuses (Kelvindale is next to MaryHill). Also they are living in Dobbies Loan where JMM died (not the same number though). Against is the name of his father's wife - Ann not Elizabeth as per JMM's death entry (second marriage?). "DOBBIE'S LOAN is in great part an old Roman or military road, and was until the beginning of the last century a straggling path which in the sixteenth or seventeenth century formed the access to the crofts and common pasture on the north-west of the city, and apparently had its name from John Dobbie, who owned land early in the seventeenth century outside the Stable Green Port, and members of the Dobbie family continued to hold land in the district for a hundred and fifty years afterwards."


Marriage ? Sep 1858 Ann Ward and John Morrison Mitchell Irongrinder Journeyman


He is referred to as John "Morrison" on his death certificate and the birth of George SP, but on his marriage he is plain John. It seems he adopted the "Morrison", his grandafather's name, sometime in the 1870s.

Shared note

Some of the sons migrated to Canada. They were very tall. [DM].