Thomas M Hale (1893)

Thomas Mitchell HaleAge: 6118481909

Thomas Mitchell Hale
Given names
Thomas Mitchell
Birth 2 December 1848 27 34
Birth of a brotherJohn Hale
calculated September 1850 (Age 20 months)
Birth of a brotherSamuel Joel Hale
calculated 1852 (Age 3)
Death of a paternal grandfatherJoel Hale
9 October 1852 (Age 3)
Death of a brotherJohn Hale
19 December 1853 (Age 5)
Burial of a brotherJohn Hale
1853 (Age 4)
Death of a paternal grandmotherElizabeth Mitchell
12 October 1857 (Age 8)
Witness at marriage Patrick S Keleher and Harriet Bailey
February 1866 (Age 17)
Note: (Harriet was the step daughter of Thomas' uncle William Hale who was likely seperated from Harriet's…
Death of a motherMary Hill
11 September 1870 (Age 21)
MarriageAnnie Eliza HayballView family
16 December 1871 (Age 23)
Clerk, Owen, Dudgeon & Arnell
from 16 December 1871 to September 1872 (Age 23)
Residence 16 December 1871 (Age 23)
Marriage of a parentThomas HaleFrances MooreView family
30 May 1872 (Age 23)
Birth of a daughter
Caroline Mary Hale
28 September 1872 (Age 23)
Residence September 1872 (Age 23)
Note: He may have been at this address for some years but the first record is from the time of daughter Ca…
Birth of a daughter
Annie Bertha Hale
12 November 1873 (Age 24)
Birth of a daughter
Elizabeth Henrietta Hale
23 November 1874 (Age 25)
Birth of a son
Thomas Robert Hale
23 January 1876 (Age 27)
Death of a daughterElizabeth Henrietta Hale
30 March 1876 (Age 27)
Burial of a daughterElizabeth Henrietta Hale
1 April 1876 (Age 27)
Death of a wifeAnnie Eliza Hayball
8 June 1876 (Age 27)
Death of a sonThomas Robert Hale
24 January 1877 (Age 28)
Residence 24 January 1877 (Age 28)
Burial of a sonThomas Robert Hale
25 January 1877 (Age 28)
MarriageElizabeth HayballView family
8 August 1877 (Age 28)
Residence from 1881 to 1883 (Age 32)
Note: Neeed to check prior to 1881
Death of a fatherThomas Hale
6 August 1884 (Age 35)
Residence 1884 (Age 35)
Residence from 1885 to 1888 (Age 36)
Death of a brotherWilliam Daniel Hale
6 March 1892 (Age 43)
Burial of a brotherWilliam Daniel Hale
7 March 1892 (Age 43)
Marriage of a childHerbert ShawCaroline Mary HaleView family
11 October 1900 (Age 51)
Tobacco Manufacturer
October 1900 (Age 51)
Death of a brotherSamuel Joel Hale
19 September 1901 (Age 52)
Marriage of a childJohn Paterson McDonellAnnie Bertha HaleView family
30 March 1904 (Age 55)
March 1904 (Age 55)
Death of a daughterAnnie Bertha Hale
18 August 1904 (Age 55)
Burial of a daughterAnnie Bertha Hale
20 August 1904 (Age 55)
Managing Director, Dudgeon and Arnell P/L
before 4 December 1909 (Age 61)
Residence from 1889 to December 1909 (Age 40)
Death 4 December 1909 (Age 61)
Burial 6 December 1909 (2 days after death)
Argus (6,820 pounds)
14 March 1910 (3 months after death)
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: 28 December 1841Melbourne, Australia
11 months
elder brother
19 months
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
2 years
22 months
younger brother
John Hale
Birth: calculated September 1850 28 36Victoria
Death: 19 December 1853Stephen (Now Exhibition) St, Melbourne
2 years
younger brother
Father’s family with Frances Moore - View family
Marriage: 30 May 1872St Pauls, Glenlyon, Victoria
Mother’s family with Bishop - View family
Family with Annie Eliza Hayball - View family
Marriage: 16 December 1871New St, Brighton
9 months
13 months
014_025AnnieBerthaHale.jpgAnnie Bertha Hale
Birth: 12 November 1873 24 25Rosslyn Street, Melbourne North
Death: 18 August 1904"Yaralla", Oliver St, East Camberwell, Melbourne
1 year
Elizabeth Henrietta Hale
Birth: 23 November 1874 25 26125 Lonsdale Street West, Melbourne
Death: 30 March 1876125 Lonsdale St West, Melbourne
14 months
Thomas Robert Hale
Birth: 23 January 1876 27 27Melbourne, Australia
Death: 24 January 1877125 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Family with Elizabeth Hayball - View family
Marriage: 8 August 1877Congregational Church, Black St, Brighton


Can find no record of his birth (2005 apr)


(Harriet was the step daughter of Thomas' uncle William Hale who was likely seperated from Harriet's mother and living in Auckland in 1866. Note that Patrick Keleher died in Auburn Rd in 1886)


The Argus - Thurs 21st December 1871 Page 4 HALE-HAYBALL. -On the 16th inst., at Brighton, by the Rev.J. Legge, M. A., Thos. M. Hale, to Annie Eliza, third daughter of Mr. R. Hayball.


TMH & AEH Marr Cert


He may have been at this address for some years but the first record is from the time of daughter Caroline Mary's birth in September 1871. He is first listed in the directory at Rosslyn Street as "Hale T" in 1873 and the following year as "T M Hale" at number 24. The later entry may already have out of date by the time the 1874 directory was published with Thomas giving his address in January of that year as New St, Brighton (probably Robert Hayball's house). By November at the time of Elizabeth's birth he was at 125 Lonsdale Street.

It seems very likely that his house is still standing. From the directories, his address was the first on the city side of Rosslyn Street down from King towards Spencer. In 2007 there are a pair of early cottages in this position. Everything points to the one on the left being number 24 in the 1870s. The only listing closer to the corner is that for a blacksmith likely in the yard of the corner house facing King Street and now replaced by the grey office building in the photograph.

There is a possibility that Thomas lived with his father's former partner James Robertson in Rosslyn Street, possibly taking over the house later. who is listed there in 1870. There seem to be some problems with the Rosslyn St directory entries for the early 1870s but they do indicate that Robertson lived within a few houses of number 24.

Two or three doors down the street was Dixon's Aerated Waters. The scene in this photo from the late 1860s was almost certainly familiar to Thomas.

This 1867 photograph was taken a couple of hundred metres from looking across the Flagstaff


Neeed to check prior to 1881


Unable to check from 1878 to 1880 as records temporarily unavailable (Apr 2005)




Copy of will in scanned documents. Hale probate records from ?web site

Shared note

With his father's name "Thomas" and his grandmother being born "Mitchell" there were very good family reasons for his name being what it was. All the same his parents must have been very aware of the explorer Thomas Mitchell who had mapped Victoria's Western district ten years before and who just before Thomas' birth had carried out similar exploits in western Queensland ( It is interesting too that a cousin born in the colony in 1847 to John William Felstead and his wife Jane, Thomas Hale senior's sister, was also named "Thomas Mitchell".

There seems to be no surviving record of Thomas Mitchell Hale's birth nor can I find those of his brothers John or Samuel. The births of his sisters in 1844 and 1846 were recorded on the same day in 1846 so it seems that father Thomas, even though eventually to become a Registrar of Births, may have been a bit lax when it came to registering his own children.

When Thomas died he was managing director of Dudgeon and Arnell P/L and he had worked for the company for 45 years. He joined the original company, Owen, Dudgeon & Arnell, in the early 1860s. His life was summed in a 1909 obituary. ".....In the tobacco trade, and we may add the storekeeping trade, there was no better known tobacco man than Mr Hale.............Under a somewhat rough exterior, Mr Hale concealed a good, kind heart as many businessmen and others can testify today, for many have lost a genuine friend. He was of retiring disposition, and taking no part in public affairs, was satisfied to concentrate all his energies upon direction of business and home......."

He must have joined the company at about age 15 in about 1864. This was a time when his father's fortunes had reversed dramatically. By 1866 Thomas senior had lost his property, dissolved his business, defended charges of unethical practice in his profesion as architect, given up his political ambitions and moved to Daylesford as a public servant. Thomas Mitchell would have been witness to all of this as an adolescent and it must have left its mark. In 1870 his mother died. In December 1871 he married Annie Eliza Hayball and a few months later his father married Frances Moore, just out from Dublin and barely older than Thomas Mitchell.

Thomas and Annie had four children, three girls and a boy, Thomas Robert, born in January 1876. In March 1876 their youngest girl Elizabeth Henrietta died from what was described as "disease of the spine" and "congestion of brain" (maybe meningitis?). This condition had lasted at least 3 months from before the birth of Thomas Robert. Two months later Annie died from an infection. Within six months, Thomas Robert, then barely a year old, was dead as well from a lung infection.

A year or so later Thomas Mitchell married Annie's older sister Elizabeth Hayball and together they raised the two surviving girls, my great grandmother Caroline Mary and her sister Annie Bertha. It's not hard to understand why Thomas Mitchell was of a "retiring disposition" and concentrated "all his energies upon direction of business and home".

The tragedies in this family were not over with Annie Bertha dying from a miscarriage in 1904. His only remaining child, Caroline Mary, was thousands of miles away in Collie and with the possible exception of one brief visit was to remain there until after his death at only 61 in 1909.

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