Dudgeon Tobacco Cos
Gideon Heard and Co
(Bef 1860-Bef 1864)


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Gideon Heard and Co

  • Born: Bef 1860 1
  • Died: Bef 1864 2


MISC: Advertisement, 5 Mar 1857, Melbourne. 3 The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Thursday 5 March 1857
SHEEPWASH TOBACCO WANTED to PURCHASE, by Heard and Co , 10 Little Lonsdale Street west. 153 mar 0

MISC: Advertising, 4 Aug 1857, Melbourne. 4
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956)Tuesday 4 August 1857
GRINDSTONE WANTED, new or second-hand,
from six to nlno Inches wide, by G. Heard and
Co,, 10 Little Lonsdalo-street west. ?' ~

MISC: Advertising, 3 Dec 1859, Melbourne. 3 WANTED, to PURCHASE, 1,600 bushels of pr m.
SCOTCH OATS, for cash. G. Heard and Co.,
10 Little Lonsdale-streot cast.


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Heape Court is located between Queen and Elizabeth streets, extending south from Little Lonsdale Street, doglegging to the west, and extending further south to a dead-end. The lane was named in 1858 for pastoralist and merchant Benjamin Heape, owner of the Heape and Grice business which operated from Little Lonsdale Street. The Heape Court warehouse located at the rear of 361-65 Little Lonsdale Street was built in 1854, and today is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register as a rare and intact example of a gold rush era brick warehouse. The building is a simple two-storey brick structure with a gable room, built by the Holmes Bros firm for Joseph Burton Pynsent, a merchant and general outfitter. It was later used as a blacksmith store for John Cooper and Sons, a wholesale ironmonger and importing firm. In 1860, Heape Court was the location of the Gideon Heard and Co., a tobacco and snuff manufacturing business.
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2 NLA Newspapers online (TROVE), Heard, Owen & Dudgeon
1864 - partnership dissolved 30/11/1864 (See Age 17 dec 1864)

Owen, Dudgeon & Arnell
1864 - formed after dissolution of above and notice dated 4/12 placed Age 17 dec 1864.

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4 NLA Newspapers online (TROVE), 4 August 1857