William Radcliffe
(Cal 1813-)
Dick Edward Radclyffe
(Cal 1840-1908)
Rosa Matilda Sherrard
(Cal 1848-)
Sue Radclyffe
(Cal 1873-)


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Sue Radclyffe

  • Born: Cal 1873 1

  General Notes:

My husband's grandmother was SUE RADCLYFFE. She married Sidney (Sydney?) BERGERSEN. In 1922 they were living at Faircross, Weymouth. I have a map that shows that there is now a Faircross Avenue in Weymouth. Would this have been where the family property had been? Sue had a younger brother named GUY RADCLYFFE. He was badly shell-shocked on the Somme (WW I) and lived the rest of his life in an army nursing home.
We do not know the names of Sue and Guy RADCLYFFE's parents. However we have discovered an invitation to a birthday party dated March 3rd, 1868.
It reads:
Mr.& Mrs. Radclyffe request the pleasure of ( name is illegible so far ) to their Son's Birthday Ball, to be held at St. James' Hall on Wednesday, March 18th, 1868. An answer will oblige
123 Pall Mall, March 3rd, 1868
On the back of the invitation, in what we assume to be Sue RADCLYFFE Bergersen's handwriting, is written the following:
"This should interest you as an ... at this ball my father and mother became engaged. Mother" Sue RADCLYFFE Bergersen and her husband travelled due to his business. We are not sure what that business was. We know that they spent some time living in India. We have a card from Calcutta dated 1920. They also sent photos from Nigeria and the Panama Canal.They had 3 children: Guy, Egerton, and Sue.
Guy BERGERSEN moved to Australia when he was 19 years old. We have a photo of Guy Bergersen with his cousin, JACK RADCLYFFE. Guy later married and had 3 children of his own. The oldest child he named Sidney Guy Bergersen ( who is now my husband ). Egerton as far as we know spent his life in England. We have very little information about him.
Sue married H.V.C. Acheson, The Acheson's lived for a time in Canada, and later New Zealand.


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