Thomas Herbert Davey
(Cal 1804-1880)
Thomas Davey


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Thomas Davey



He worked as a Manager, Victorian Galvanized Iron & Wire Co in 1880 and resided at Melbourne, , Victoria, Australia. 1

He worked as a Managing Director, Lysaghts in 1899 and resided at Melbourne, , Victoria, Australia. 2


1 Web (Misc), Google Books. Shifting Views
By Andrew Leach, Antony Moulis, Nicole Sully, p91.

2 State Library of NSW, Lysaght's Galvanized Iron Pty Ltd

Lysaght's Galvanized Iron Pty Ltd - correspondence and related papers mainly concerning negotiations with William Sandford, on behalf of John Lysaght Limited, Bristol, to acquire shares in William Sandford Limited, 1899, 1906-1907

Level of DescriptionCollection

Date of Work
1899, 1906 - 1907

Type of MaterialTextual Records

Call Number
MLMSS 7175

Physical Description1 box - 0.05 Meters
Textual Records
Textual Records - (typescript)
Textual Records - (typescript, carbon)
Textual Records - (printed)

Administrative / Biographical Note
Lysaght's Galvanized Iron Pty Ltd, incorporated in 1899, was the selling agency in Australia for John Lysaght Limited in Bristol, England. Thomas Davey the Managing Director was located in Melbourne and the Sydney office was managed by Herbert Royse Lysaght. In 1906 William Sandford, a former employee of Lysaght's, needing capital for his Eskbank iron and steel works at Lithgow, NSW, offered shares in his company to John Lysaght Ltd. However, after negotiation between Sandford, and Lysaght and Davey on behalf of John Lysaght Ltd, agreement to conditions could not be reached and the option was not taken up. Sandford, forced by a lack of capital, sold the works to G & C Hoskins in late 1907.

Letter, 9 Aug 1899, and memo, 4 Sept 1899, from Herbert R. Lysaght to Thomas Davey concerning setting up Sydney office and other business matters
Letter (copy), 20 Oct [1905?], from William Sandford in London to Sidney R. Lysaght in Bristol
Letters and transcripts of cables, 1906-1907, received by Herbert R. Lysaght from William Sandford, Thomas Davey, Colquhoun & Basset (Solicitors), John Lysaght Limited, Miles & Vane (Accountants) - first letter, 6 April 1906, from William Sandford '...ready at any time to form an alliance for our mutual advantage'; copies of letters sent to Sandford by H. R. Lysaght and Thomas Davey, 1907
Related papers include: 'Notes of a Conference held at 24 Bond Street, 23/5/07. between Messrs. W. Sandford and -Thornley, representing William Sandford, Ltd., and H. R. Lysaght of Sydney, and Thomas Davey of Melbourne, representing John Lysdaght Ltd., Bristol.'; 'Facts re W. Sandford Ltd., June 1907'; Draft Covenants, 7 June 1907; William Sandford Ltd, Balance sheet, 30 June 1907; 'History of iron and steel production in New South Wales', reprinted from the Lithgow Mercury of 3 May 1907

Presented by Alan Stein in 1986

Author/ArtistDavey, Thomas
Lysaght, Herbert R.
Sandford, William, 1841-1932

NameJohn Lysaght Limited.
William Sandford Limited

SubjectIron industry and trade -- New South Wales.
Iron-works -- New South Wales -- Lithgow.
Steel industry and trade -- New South Wales.