Alfred Beresford
(1831-From 1888/1888)
Eliza Pearson
(Cal 1831-1896)
Jonathan Phipps
(Cal 1834-)
Frank Beresford
(From 1864/1864-After 1901)
Mary Ann Phipps
(Cal 1864-)
Harold Beresford
(Cal 1892-)


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Harold Beresford

  • Born: Cal 1892, Hyson Green, Notts 1 2


1 Online Census and BMD,, 1901C.

2 Online Census and BMD,, Name: Beresford, Harold Record Type: Births Quarter: December Year: 1892 District: Nottingham County: Nottinghamshire Volume: 7b Page: 306. Note - 2 other Harolds in nott about this time.