Source Of All Doar
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Source Of All Doar

  • Born: Bef 1700
  • Unmarried: Unknown

  General Notes:

This is just a notional "Adam" Doar to tie the rest together and give me a place to add an introduction.

The following is a compilation of information on the Doars who originated in the Sandiacre area of Derbyshire. The pivotal couple are William and Katherine who married in Sandiacre in 1747. Evidence for William's ancestry is limited. Evidence for the descendants as recorded below is much stronger although there are still some areas needing confirmation.

Origins of the name Doar (or Dore)
English: habitational name from either of two places, one in South Yorkshire (formerly in Derbyshire) and the other near Hereford. The former gets its name from Old English dor ‘door’, used of a pass between hills; the latter from a Celtic river name of the same origin as Dover. In some cases, the name may be topographic, from Middle English dore ‘gate’.
Irish: in County Limerick a reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Doghair ‘descendant of Doghar’, a byname meaning ‘sadness’; alternatively, according to MacLysaght, it could be from De Hóir, a name of Norman origin. Outside Limerick it may be from French Doré (see below).
French (Doré): nickname from Old French doré ‘golden’, past participle of dorer ‘to gild’ (Late Latin deaurare, from aurum ‘gold’), denoting either a goldsmith or someone with bright golden hair.
Hungarian (Dore): nickname from dore ‘stupid’, ‘useless’ ‘mad’.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

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