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Job (Not Mine) Berrisford
(Cal 1810-1843)


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Job (Not Mine) Berrisford

  • Born: Cal 1810 1
  • Died: 8 Feb 1843, Crich, Derby 2


1 Web (Misc), The Final 'Testimony' of Job Berrisford In the earlier days, because they were unable to bury their dead in the ‘consecrated' ground of the established 'Anglican' Church they had their own Burial Ground close by the Meeting House, sadly its exact location is not now known. An interesting testimony exists concerning one of our early members whose last earthly resting-place this became: "Mr. Job Berrisford, a member of the General Baptist Church, Crich, departed this life February 8th, 1843, in the 33rd year of his age. The subject of this brief sketch was accidentally killed on the limestone railway. He survived four hours after the circumstance transpired, testifying to all around him the happy effects of that religion which alone can make a dying bed feel - 'soft as downy pillows are'. His constant language was, "Bless God, Oh what a good God I have. Sinners do not feel what I feel; if they did they would obey Him". He expired with similar language on his lips. His mortal remains were interred in the Baptist burial ground. On the following Lord's day, in the evening, his funeral sermon was preached by the minister of the place, to a large and deeply affected audience, from Jeremiah 30:17 'There is hope in thine end.' Lord, when thou callest, like him may I go.".

2 Web (Misc), See Birth.