John Stephen Goodman Webb
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John Stephen Goodman Webb


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John Stephen Goodman Webb

  • Born: 8 Jul 1857, Off Bourke Street East, Melbourne, Victoria 1 2 3 4


He worked as a Photographer (one of Webb and Webb). (lived in Fitzroy)


1 Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages (Victoria) - Certificate,, Death HH 1896.

2 Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages (Victoria) - Index,

3 Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages (Victoria) - Index,, Birth. John Stephen GoodmanBJohn Stephen GoHALE - Henrietta18579071.

4 GenesReunited,, First name: John
Middle name: Stephen goodman
Surname: Webb
Date of birth: 08/07/1857
Year of birth: 1857
Place of birth: Off Bourke Street East
Notes: Photographer one of the WEBB & WEBB. Lived at Fitzroy
Spouse name: Louisa Nott
Place of marriage: ST Jude's Ch Carlton
Date of marriage: 17/07/1889. Hazel O'Brien.